Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees can be planted in memory of a person or group in a designated area within the City of Red Deer’s park spaces.
A photo of a plaque at a memorial tree garden

General Information

The City of Red Deer offers individuals, families and organizations an opportunity to plant a living legacy to memorialize their loved ones.

Tree Options & Locations

All trees are planted in the City of Red Deer Memorial Garden in Barrett park, located at 4516 39 Street.

There are 5 tree species to choose from: Ash, Elm, Lilac, Maple, or Oak. For specific tree species requests (e.g., Sorbus acuparia vs Sorbus commixta), please contact one of our administrative assistants. Available tree species are influenced by availability, health, and forecasted cost of the tree. The final decision on the selected tree species for planting will reside with Urban Forestry.

The Memorial Garden has a permanent plaque that explains the purpose of the space. Individual dedications or plaques for trees are not available.


Prices for 2022-2025 include the cost of the tree and installation. It also includes additional maintenance from the first two years of planting such as an increased watering schedule to help trees take root. The cost does not include replacement for loss or damages resulting from theft, vandalism, natural causes, wildlife, insects, or diseases.

2023 Memorial Tree Fee: $600


For any questions about the program, please call 403-342-8238 or email prior to submitting your application. Parks and Public Works Administrators are available by phone and email should you need assistance in completing the application.

Memorial Tree Application Form

Applications may be submitted in person at the Alto Reste Cemetery office, or emailed to Payment may be made in person at the Alto Reste Cemetery office, or over the phone with a Parks and Public Works Administrator.

Terms & Conditions of the Memorial and Dedication Program

For full terms and conditions, please refer to the Parks and Public Works Memorial and Dedication Policy (pdf).

Notable policy statements include:

  • Tree installation will only occur during the months of May to October, weather dependent
  • The applicant is not permitted to tamper with or relocate the memorial tree, or tamper with the area immediately surrounding it.
  • The City reserves the right to move or remove the bench, plaque or tree to accommodate unforeseen future events.
  • Placing of unauthorized permanent/non-permanent memorials within parks spaces is not permitted. Items may be removed at the discretion of the Parks and Public Works Department.
  • Trees may only be planted on City of Red Deer owned parkland designated for memorial usage in perpetuity. The current memorial garden is located in Barrett Park. The Parks section reserves the right to approve or deny planting requests.