Talking about death can be difficult. More people are showing their loved ones they care by pre-planning their funeral services, sparing their family from having to make decisions during a difficult time. If you wish to be involved in how you are remembered, planning ahead gives you that opportunity.

Planning ahead

The Cemetery Brochure (pdf) may assist you in your personal planning.

Memorial arrangements should be thought of as a major purchase. Planning ahead allows you the time to be a careful consumer. Persons making arrangements at the time of a death may not have the time to be selective.

Decisions to be made

Things to consider:
  • funeral service
  • desired burial option
  • selection of the casket and/or urn
  • type of monument and the location of burial

The City of Red Deer has experienced cemetery staff who are available to help you. They are located at Alto Reste Cemetery, 3.6 km east of 30 Avenue on Highway 11. They can be reached at 403-342-8303 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The first decision

As the funeral service takes place shortly after death, it is often considered the most important act of "memorialization." Certainly its significance and value is understood.

Beyond the service, however, first decisions most often centre on the lasting memorial, including both living memorials (charitable donations or endowments) and the selection of a burial site and memorial. These are important and because they are major financial decisions, there is true value in planning ahead.

Planning ahead also means buying ahead, whenever possible. For example, lots in The City of Red Deer Cemeteries can be purchased at any time, not only at time of need. A payment plan may be arranged.

Sensitive decision

Preparation of the body can be the most sensitive aspect of death and the hardest decision to make. It is appropriate to discuss this with your immediate family and take into consideration religious beliefs.

Cremation is a growing trend, though it is an option that is very personal. Cremation can be less costly due to simpler caskets and lower burial expenses.

Your choice of option for preparation of the body for burial should be made known as part of your overall planning.

Burial choices

There are options to be considered for final disposition of the body, the first of which is whether or not there should be a burial. The City of Red Deer Cemeteries, in addition to full and cremation earth burial, offers the option of columbarium niche burial for cremated remains.

The choice of a memorial site is based on personal wishes and out of consideration for those family and friends who will wish to visit the site.


The City of Red Deer Cemeteries provide burial lots for both flat markers and upright monuments and provide foundation and placement services. Price will depend on size. The type, size, material, design and inscriptions for your memorial should be discussed with monument dealers.

There is a designated field of honour for veterans that also allows the spouse to be interred.

Other considerations

Other forms of memorialization are encouraged in addition to or instead of elaborate monuments. Trees and shrubs are often given in memory. These would be located in an area suitable to the individual and The City.

Bequeaths from wills and donations to enhance the cemeteries are also accepted.

More you should know

To start planning for the service, call your minister, priest or other advisor. To learn more about caskets, monuments and memorials you should contact funeral homes and monument dealers. To select an appropriate site for the grave and memorial, contact The City of Red Deer Cemeteries office at 403-342-8303 or email

For more information

The City of Red Deer has been in the cemetery business since 1907 and offers eternal care. The City welcomes your inquiries.

The City of Red Deer would like to assist you in making choices to meet your needs. Contact Cemetery Services for more information on:

Pre-planning cemetery services

  • Burial options and requirements
  • Burial locations
  • Monument types allowed, sizing and placement
  • Other products and services