About the Job

The successful FireMedic recruit enters into a 12 month training period as a probationary employee. During this year the recruit receives training with all the various equipment and instruction relating to the skills and techniques of firefighting and ambulance operation.


The training will include ALS resuscitation and treatment protocols, chemistry of fire behaviour, ladder raising, hose evolutions, fire ground hydraulics, ventilation, salvage/overhaul, protective breathing apparatus, and rescue procedures. Recruits are instructed under simulated on-the-job conditions at the station or at the Red Deer Emergency Services (RDES) Fire Training Facility, to enable you to adapt to the use of specialized equipment and the RDES policies and procedures.

During your career you will be expected and required to:

  • A City of Red Deer Firemedic standing in uniform next to a firetruckWork at high levels of exertion in smoke-filled, oxygen deficient environments.
  • Work in conditions of extreme heat and cold.
  • Have the endurance necessary to search for and rescue victims of fires or other disasters.
  • Drive and operate highly specialized fire vehicles under emergency conditions. Climb and descend ladders under adverse conditions carrying victims if necessary.
  • Operate an ambulance and provide appropriate, skilled treatment to sick and injured patients.
  • Be involved in Fire Prevention activities by conducting inspections and surveys of premises to identify hazardous conditions.
  • Strive to ensure a professional quality of service in all duties performed to the community we serve.
  • Be able to work, eat and sleep in close proximity to fellow firefighters and do so harmoniously at all times.
  • Participate in housekeeping duties in the Station such as mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning windows and mowing lawns.
  • Maintain the positive, professional image and integrity of the Department, whether on the job or off duty, including related volunteer work.