Regular Routes

View the Route Overview Map - all regular Transit routes (pdf) .

NEW! Effective October 4, 2020 Route Overview Map - all regular transit routes (pdf)

Once you’ve viewed the new routes and schedules, we invite you to provide your feedback for consideration to further refine the service as full levels ramp up and resume.

Route 2 - Crosstown

Provides a frequent and direct link between the north west, north east and south east neighbourhoods of the City without requiring travel downtown, including a new direct link between the Clearview Ridge area and Gaetz Avenue at 67 Street.


Route 4 - Glendale - South East

Connects the highest ridership stops in the north west and south east areas of the City to each other and downtown, including connection to the Kingston Transit Hub, Bower Transit Hub and the Collicutt Centre and its nearby schools.


Route 12 - Gasoline Alley

Provides service between Bower Mall and Gasoline Alley. Similar to the original service, Route 12 will continue to operate every 30 minutes, but its departure times from the Bower Hub will be adjusted to better connect with the new Red Deer Transit routes.


Route 15 - Pines - Normandeau

Operates from downtown’s Sorensen Station and provides additional coverage in the north west area of the City, including the Fairview, Highland Green, Pines and Normandeau neighbourhoods as well as Village Mall and Parkland Mall.


Route 16 - Oriole Park ‌

Operates in a loop and connects residential areas in the northeast section of the City—such as Oriole Park and neighbourhoods on either side of 60 Street—with downtown and Sorensen Station.


Route 19 - Edgar Industrial 

Operates from the Kingston Transit Hub where connections with routes 1, 2 and 4 are possible and connect to employment destinations in the Edgar Industrial area.