Special Passes and Identification Cards

The special pass and ID Card programs run annually from July 1 to June 30. New subscribers may enroll at any time of the year. ID cards and special passes are available at the Transit Customer Service Centre in Sorensen Station only.

Seniors GIS - Bus Pass Subsidy Program

Customers 65 years and older who are receiving the Guaranteed Income Subsidy (GIS) are eligible to receive a Seniors Monthly Bus pass at a reduced rate.

  • Proof of eligibility for GIS from CRA must be provided.

Photo ID Card Program

Photo ID cards are available for a fee of $5.

CNIB Bus Pass - ID Card Program

Customers deemed to be legally blind may obtain an ID card which entitles the card holder to ride without charge. CNIB Cards are only valid on Red Deer Transit. 

  • Documentation from CNIB required.

Attendant ID Card Program

Physically or mentally challenged customers who can not access public transit service without personal assistance can obtain an Attendant ID card, enabling the person attending them to ride free of charge. Attendant passes are only valid on Red Deer Transit.

  • Persons applying must indicate the nature of their disability, understanding that public transit service is not to be accessed without an attendant.