Door to Door Policy

The Action Bus is a door-to-door public transportation service.

Action Bus Operators DO:

  • Operate power lifts and ramps on the vehicle.
  • Secure wheelchairs and scooters in restraint devices to the floor.
  • Assist clients with lap/shoulder straps and belts.
  • Assist clients on and off the bus.
  • Assist clients between the vehicle and the inside of the first exterior set of accessible doors at the place of origin and/or destination. An accessible door is an outside door with no more than one step.

Action Bus Operators Do Not:

  • Assist clients in climbing more than one step.
  • Enter a client's residence under any circumstances.
  • Make repairs or adjustments to equipment.
  • Carry parcels or load baggage. Limit carry on items to what can be carried by you at one time, or travel with an attendant who can help.
  • Make multiple trips to load equipment on the bus. All equipment must be at ground level when the Operator arrives.