Understanding your Property Tax

Property taxes are financial resources that transform into valued services and capital assets, which serve quality of life. A day does not go by without municipal services keeping people safe, contributing to their health and wellbeing, improving the economy, supporting community beautification, facilitating growth, protecting community infrastructure and assets, and others. Want to know more about taxes and how they are calculated? View these videos to learn more.


Property Tax Key Dates

Assessment Notice Mail Date January Assessment Notices are mailed and available online via MyCity
Tax Bill Period Jan 1 to Dec 31 Property tax bills cover the calendar year.
Tax Notice Mail Date Late May Property tax notices are mailed and available online via MyCity.
Tax Due Date Last business day in June Payment Options and Instructions.
Penalty July 1 Penalty on Current and Arrears balances are applied twice a year. 
Where do my taxes go?

Your property tax bill is split into municipal tax, education tax and senior’s affordable housing. Municipal property taxes are set by City Council and help support a variety of services The City provides such as:

  • Police and fire protection,
  • Recreation, Parks and Culture,
  • Public transit and neighborhood infrastructure.

The municipal property tax you see on your tax notice is your property's prorated portion of the many services that The City provides. To learn more about where your tax dollars go, please refer to the annual Operating Budget.

What is the Education and Seniors Affordable Housing requisition?

As the education system benefits all Albertans, people without children in school also pay the education property tax. The education tax is a tax on the property assessment; therefore all property owners pay the education property tax. Click the link to complete the School Support Notice (pdf)

Bridges Community Living is an agency that provides affordable seniors housing. More information is available on Bridges Community Living website or phone 403-343-1077.

We are required by legislation to collect the requisition amounts for Education and Senior’s affordable housing for the provincial government.

How do I read my tax notice?

Visit our Interactive Property Tax Notice for an in depth view of your annual tax notice.