Taxi Plate Draw

As you know, a new City of Red Deer Vehicle for Hire Bylaw was adopted on May 27, 2024, which included the increase of taxi plates for the next three consecutive years. Each year, starting in 2024, 15 taxi or accessible taxi plates will be awarded by random draw. After three years, the plate cap will be removed.

A Plate Draw was held Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 2 p.m. at City Hall, Second Floor, Crimson Star board room. A video of the feed is available above.

 The winning names and number of plates issued are:

  • Homayoon Ghulami O/A TBD
  • Red Deer Fare x 2
  • Roeen Khan Mohammad, O/A TBD x 2
  • Jennifer Hoffe, O/A TBD
  • Jaya Deluxe Services Ltd.
  • Zoran Cadjan O/A TBD x 2
  • Ahmad Farid Massud O/A TBD
  • Mirwais Parwany O/A TBD
  • Augustin Rupali O/A TBD x 2
  • Alpha Taxi
  • 94 Cabs

For more information, visit our Vehicles for Hire page.

How are new Taxi Plates awarded?

New Taxi Licence Plates are awarded to eligible applicants by a random draw conducted by The City.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants for Taxi Licence Plates and Accessible Taxi Licence Plates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be eligible and meet all criteria to hold a Taxi Licence Plate or Accessible Taxi Licence Plate
  • Must submit their Brokerage Licence or Independent Owner Operator application along with their Plate Draw application.
  • Must have a plan to open a Brokerage or operate as an Independent Driver Owner (meaning separate and independent dispatch not affiliated with any other brokerage).
Are there fees for Taxi Plates?

Taxi Plate charges are included with the fees for the Brokerage License. Fees are based on the number of Plates within the Brokerage, and start at $396.34. The Plate Draw Fee is $100.

Contact us

If you have questions about the draw or difficulty submitting your application, please contact us at or 403-342-8190.