Idle Free Schools

All schools within The City of Red Deer are designated as Idle Free. This means that if you are going to be parked for longer than one minute, turn off your engine.

The Idle Free Schools Manual (pdf) has everything you need to know to help your school be Idle Free.

Vehicle exhaust contains harmful chemicals that can affect children's health. Children are exposed to a variety of pollutants as they pass idling vehicles. In addition, exhaust can be drawn into the school through cold air intakes or through open windows and doors. Particulate matter emitted as part of vehicle exhaust poses a serious concern as it can be breathed deep into children's lungs.

Join the large number of drivers who are becoming idle free. Email or call 403-342-8750 to receive your free static cling decal to identify yourself as an idle free driver.

To protect our children’s health, let’s turn the key and be idle free. 

Congratulations to the following schools who have committed to being idle free:

Annie L. Gaetz Lindsay Thurber
Aspen Heights Maryview
Barrie Wilson Mattie McCullough
Central Mother Teresa
Camille J. Lerouge Mountview
Don Campbell Normandeau
Eastview Middle North Cottage
Fairview Notre Dame
G.H. Dawe Oriole Park
Gateway Christian Pines
Glendale Sciences & Technology St. Elizabeth Seton
Grandview St. Francis
G.W. Smith St. Joseph
Henri Voisin St. Martin de Porres
Holy Family St. Patrick’s
Hunting Hills St. Teresa of Avila
Joseph Welsh St. Thomas Aquinas
Koinonia West Park Elementary
la Prairie West Park Middle

For further information about this free program contact the Environmental Educator at 403-342-8750 or