Compost available for purchase

The compost created from our Green Cart and yard waste collection programs is available for purchase at the Waste Management Facility.

Example of finished compost (JPG)When can I buy compost?

Compost will be available for purchase at the Waste Management Facility from May 1, 2023 until it is sold out.

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

What’s the price?

  • Compost is sold by volume
  • $15 for approximately one cubic yard, loaded loose into the back of your truck
  • $3 for a 19" X 30" bag. Bags are not pre-filled. Bags will be provided by scalehouse staff for residents to fill.  

Why should I use compost?

  • It adds organic matter to the soil
  • It provides plant nutrients
  • It helps the soil to retain water
  • It improves soil structure

How do I use compost?

Compost is great for flower beds and vegetable gardens. You will receive a label at the scale house with information about the compost including recommended application rate.

How do I know if compost is sold out? 

Call us on the Blue Line at 403-340-BLUE (2583), we'll be happy to answer this and other questions.