Recycling Used Motor Oil

The Waste Management Facility does not accept used motor oil, oil filters or oil containers.
Motor Oil being poured into vehicle (JPG)

If you change your own motor oil, your used oil, oil filters and oil containers can be taken to an Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) drop off location for recycling. 

For more information on the Recycling Alberta program and a list of drop-off locations, go to the Alberta Recycling website.

Alberta Recycling is hosting two Paint and Used Oil Roundups in Red Deer in 2024. The Roundups will be Saturday May 4 and Saturday September 14 at 5206 54 Ave. For details go to the Alberta Recycling Red Deer Paint & Used Oil Roundup website. 

Please ensure the used oil is stored in the original container or another plastic container with a screw top lid that did not previously hold cleaners, solvents, fuels, paints, or bleach. It is not permitted to dispose of used motor oil in your household garbage or to pour it on the ground or down a storm drain.