Shingle & Drywall Recycling

Our Waste Management Facility recycles asphalt shingles and drywall.

 Shingles being torn off a roof (JPG)

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a common tar-based roofing material. If removing asphalt shingles from your home or business, drop them off at the Waste Management Facility for recycling. Instead of taking up landfill space, they are recycled into pavement for parking lots and roads.


  • Clean asphalt shingles
  • Felt attached to shingles

Not Accepted

  • Shingles attached to wood 
  • Shingles attached to metal flashing/gutters 
  • Shingles attached to plastic wrap
  • Cedar shingles

Used drywall (JPG)


Drywall (also known as gypsum, plasterboard, sheetrock, gyproc and wallboard) is used in wall and ceiling construction. If you are renovating your home or business, bring your unpainted cut ends from drywall projects to the Waste Management Facility for recycling. Unpainted drywall is recycled into a soil amendment for the agriculture industry.


  • Unpainted drywall

Not Accepted

  • Shaftliner fiberglass mat drywall
  • Drywall attached to wood
  • Drywall attached to metal
  • Painted drywall

For more information, call the Blue Line at 403-340-BLUE (2583).