Accessibility for All

At Red Deer Transit, we want to ensure that all of our passengers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Did you know?

  • All of our buses are low-floor, so there are no steps to climb.
  • All of our buses have a ramp and can "kneel", which means that buses can be lowered to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility needs a passenger may have.
  • There is space reserved on each bus for wheelchairs or mobility devices.
  • Special Transit passes are available for those receiving GIS subsidies, for legally blind persons, and for individuals who require attendants.

Low Floor Buses

Red Deer Transit Operates low floor (accessible) buses on all transit routes. Offering easier access for customers with baby strollers, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Customers in wheelchairs and scooters enter the bus using a retractable ramp at the front door.

Wheelchairs on buses

At Red Deer Transit, we know that people with wheelchairs or other mobility devices have the same travel needs as everyone else - the freedom to go wherever life takes you. We understand that, to you, public transportation may be even more important if your ability to use other forms of transport is limited. That's why all our buses are low-floor and have space reserved at the front for your wheelchair or other mobility device.

For your own safety, when travelling on Red Deer transit, please position your wheelchair or other mobility device facing backwards against the upright support cushion, which is placed directly behind the driver.