Goldfish Education

Goldfish It Only Takes Two Cartoon

Goldfish are an invasive species that can damage our local aquatic ecosystems. NEVER release aquarium plants, animals (dead or alive) or water into waterbodies. Domestic plants and animals can become invasive when released into the wild, altering habitat, overtaking resources and spreading disease to native species.

Goldfish are an invasive species and pose a threat to our local aquatic ecosystems. The Fisheries Act specifies that actions must be taken to remove non-native fish species, including goldfish, from natural and artificial water bodies, including stormwater management facilities, due to potential risks to native species and their habitat. These risks include:

  • Competition with native species for habitat and resources.
  • Increased turbidity caused by goldfish stirs up sediments and nutrients, leading to increased algae and plants.
  • Introduced diseases/parasites.
  • Reduction in biodiversity.

If you need to dispose of unwanted aquarium plants and fish:

  • Pour unwanted aquarium water over dry land and freeze aquarium plants before throwing them in the garbage.
  • Return unwanted live fish to pet stores, donate them to a school or community organization, or find your fish a new, loving home.
  • If your fish passes away, place it in your green cart. Flushing or dumping it can lead to the spread of unwanted diseases.