Idle Free Policy

We recognize that unnecessary vehicle idling wastes fuel and contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore have an idle free policy for vehicles in our fleet.

Shows a City of Red Deer Idle Free Zone signCity Corporate Idle Free Policy

  1. City vehicles are not to be left running when the operator is absent from the vehicle.
  2. City vehicles are not permitted to idle more than 3 to 5 minutes unless exempted below.
  3. There shall be no idling near building air intakes, school grounds, or groups of people (e.g. parades).
  4. Block heaters (with timers) will be installed when possible as an alternative for vehicles not garaged in heated buildings.


  1. Emergency Services and other City vehicles may idle at the scene of an emergency where lights and other accessories are needed in order to respond to the situation.  
  2. Emergency Services and other City vehicles may idle during a non-emergency response situation in order to perform the job at hand and keep the battery charged (e.g. to power convertors for the use of hand tools).
  3. Vehicles which have contents sensitive to extreme heat and cold may be allowed to idle as necessary to maintain adequate internal temperatures.
  4. Vehicles with passenger compartments may idle in order to maintain a reasonable compartment temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.   
  5. Transit vehicles when maintaining their schedules or waiting for passengers at the bus terminal or bus stop may have extended idling times; typically of 5 minutes while on a layover.

Read the complete 3410-CA Idle Free (pdf)