Neighbourhood Community Gardens

We have partnered with various community groups and organizations to oversee community managed gardening initiatives within various neighbourhoods throughout our City. These gardens are typically smaller, more localized gardens that promote walkability and strong community spirit. The general public is not permitted to harvest from Community Gardens. If you didn't plant it, don't pick it. 
image of vegetables growing in a community garden

For those interested in starting up a community garden please view the Steps to Start Up a Community Garden/Orchard (pdf)

If you wish to participate in the Neighbourhood Community Garden Program please select the location from the City Overview drop down box located on the top right corner of the map below. Hover your cursor over the garden site and it will display the contact information for the person responsible for that location and designating the garden beds for personal use. 

For more information on other gardening opportunities please contact:

Cemetery Services - office hours 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday to Friday