Building Grade Certificates

A building grade certificate is a drawing that is provided to the contractors/developers at the time a Building Permit is issued. This drawing provides lot dimensions, service locations, service elevations, sidewalk and lane elevations and landscape grading information.

This information is used by the contractor/developer to ensure that building and site grades are set appropriately so that the house has a proper gravity sanitary hook-up and that proper drainage is maintained on the lot. Charges for this certificate are tied to the Building Permit Application.

Copies of building grade certificates for some properties can be obtained from the Engineering department at 403-342-8158.

Generally, for infill home construction in mature neighbourhoods, no building grade certificate will be available.  Details of site drainage, and utility connections will be determined by the applicant through the development permit process.  The City will review the drawings prepared by the applicant to ensure City standards are met.  

Further information on drawing requirements can be found in Section 17 of the Engineering Design Guidelines.