Block Party Program

Block Parties are a great way to connect with your neighbours and create a sense of belonging in your neighbourhood. Big or small, here you will find tips and tools for how to host your own block party or neighbourhood gathering.

Host a Block Party in your neighbourhood!

The idea of a Block Party is simply to bring neighbours together. This can take the form of a potluck on the driveway, to a BBQ on your green space, or a campfire in someone's backyard. Getting together with neighbours provides an opportunity to get to know those people that live closest to you and help build a sense of community. Getting to know your neighbours is a great way to increase neighbourhood pride, safety and build support networks close to home.  It's all about building connections and with a Block Party it's all about making it fun!

For more information

Phone: 403-314-5910 

Make your party a success with these tools and resources!

Other Resources for planning your party

Top Ten Reasons to host a Block Party:

  1. To have fun
  2. To get to know your neighbours
  3. To build connections
  4. To create a sense of belonging
  5. To learn about the community and hidden gems
  6. To create pride in the neighbourhood
  7. To learn what skills and talents exist in the neighbourhood
  8. To increase security, knowing when and who should be coming and going
  9. To learn about the history of your neighbourhood
  10. To create a group to plan many more fun events!

*In some cases you may require a Special Event Permit; for instance if you are planning to block a roadway or have high risk activities such as a bouncy castle or a very large party. For more information on Special Event Permits contact Inspections and Licensing.

Funding may be available to enhance your block party. Visit our Spark Grant page to learn more.