What The City is doing

We continue to closely monitor the conditions, including the Gleniffer Reservoir and Red Deer River water levels, precipitation, and snowpack.   

Working with partners to share the available water supply   

Along with 38 major water users in the South Saskatchewan River Basin, The City of Red Deer signed a water sharing agreement with the Government of Alberta. Under these agreements, major users have voluntarily agreed to reduce water use if severe drought conditions develop this summer. 

 We’re also coordinating with the regional water customers (NRDRWC and RD County) to align the City’s Water Conservation Guidelines with theirs and develop an implementation process.  

Reviewing internal operations 

As we look towards potential outdoor water restrictions this summer, The City is also reviewing our operations to see where we can adjust. This includes reviewing how often and when we water our outdoor amenities, including sports fields and City Hall park.  

Our outdoor water amenities, including the Outdoor Pool, Central Spray & Play, Capstone Fountain and Woody’s Spray Park, are all operated with recirculated and constantly treated water, and would remain open up to Stage 3 of Outdoor Water Restrictions. The City made considerable capital investment in the development of these amenities to address impacts to the environment with reduced water consumption.    

Preparing for outdoor water restrictions  

If we don’t get the precipitation we need, it’s possible that we will have to implement outdoor water restrictions at some point. Stage 1 Voluntary restrictions are now in effect.

Drought FAQ (pdf)