Neighbourhood Activity Centres

Red Deer has several Neighbourhood Activity Centres (Community Centres) located in community park sites across the city. These centres are primarily used as skate change areas during the winter outdoor ice season but are also available for booking private functions such as neighbourhood events, meetings, birthday parties, yoga classes and more.
These facilities are owned by The City of Red Deer, but are operated by various non-profit groups. For more details or to book an activity centre, contact the operator directly by calling the phone number listed below and leaving a detailed voice message. Please note these centres are run by volunteers in the community and someone will return your call as soon as possible.
Neighbourhood Address Booking Phone Number Capacity Operator
Bower 85 Boyce Street 403-340-3070 80-100 Bower Place Community Association
Central Park 27305 391TWP Currently Unavailable 80-100 Central Park Community Association
Clearview Meadows 93 Cornett Drive  50-60 Clearview Meadows Community Association
Deer Park 181 Dowler Street 403-597-4828 40-50 Red Deer & District Chinese Community Society
Eastview - Joseph Welsh 4030 Embury Crescent 403-342-6500 ext. 107 
20-30 Youth HQ
Eastview Estates 120 Ellenwood Drive 403-340-3448 60-70 Eastview Estates Community Association
Grandview Gardens 4510 41 Avenue 587-288-8496 30-40 Morrisroe West Community Association
Highland Green  65 Halladay Crescent 403-348-2400 40-50 Highland Green Community Association
Morrisroe Extension  35 McLean Street 403-350-3247 30-40 East Morrisroe Community Association (not available during summer months)
Morrisroe West 5 McIntosh Avenue 587-288-8496 40-50 Morrisroe West Community Association
Mountview 4316 32 Street 403-346-4476 30-40 Mountview Sunnybrook Community Association
Normandeau 49 Noble Avenue 403-342-6500 ext. 107 
30-40 Youth HQ
Oriole Park  5 Ogden Avenue  403-347-4424 30-40 Oriole Park Community Association
Parkvale 4324 46A Avenue 403-346-3643  80-100 Parkvale Community Association 
Pines 141 Pamely Avenue 587-447-4873 40-50 Pines Neighbourhood Association
Riverside Meadows 6021 57 Avenue 403-346-2498 20-30 Riverside Meadows Community Association
Rosedale 2 Roland Street 403-340-1949  40-50 Rosedale Community Association
West Park  3811 57 Avenue 403-597-0368 20-30 West Park Community Association 

Red Deer has several Community Associations not listed above that provide a great way to connect with your neighbourhood. Click here for more information on Community Associations.