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June 1 - July 31, 2018 

Red Deer Art Club - members exhibit

 Joyce Handley imageKaren Gruber, My Bule Suede Pradas

Artists: Joyce Handley, untitled & Karen Gruber, My Blue Suede Pradas

The Red Deer Art Club was founded in 1948 under the sponsorship of the University of Alberta, Department of Extension.

In 1965 the Club joined the Allied Arts Council, and maintains membership to this day in the Red Deer Arts Council. The Club also is a member of the Alberta Community Art Clubs Associations, which we joined in 1968.

The Club has held classes in a variety of places from the Composite High School, the Memorial Centre, North Cottage School, Dawe Center, Recreation Centre, Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery and even member's homes. Today the Club meets to paint and share weekly, on Thursday afternoons at the Golden Circle, 1-4 p.m. It is open to all community members interested in learning and socializing in a friendly atmosphere.

The Club hosts workshops that are open to members and the general public. Members also volunteer their time and talents as a service to other community organizations. The Club also participates regularly in sales and exhibits in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Each inidividual artist brings something special to the group and represents and artistic diversity.

To join, learn more about the Red Deer Art Club or, to contact one of the artists, please email:

Facilitated by The City of Red Deer Culture Services and featuring the work of local emerging and established artists, the Corridor Community Gallery is located on the lower level of the Recreation Centre (4501 - 47A Avenue). Exhibits are changed bi-monthly. 

Call to Artists:

Are you interested in showing your artwork in the Corridor Community Gallery? Please contact us at 403-309-4091 or 

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May 4 - June 29

Viewpoint collective members curate an exhibition featuring guest local emerging artists: Gillian Coulton and Holly Mundorf's bronze, ceramic, graphite, mixed media art.

Gillian Coulton

I am from the small town of Consort in east central Alberta, and a recent graduate of the Visual Art diploma program at Red Deer College. Much of my work concentrates on the technical development of skills. My more personal work primarily deals with the landscape I grew up in and its connections to who I am. I am interested in the way the landscape around us can shape both our identities and our perceptions of ourselves. In particular, I want to capture my personal feelings regarding the landscape in which I grew up. I wanted to capture both a sense of wonderment at the beauty of that vastness, and unavoidable isolation, being so far from any large city centre. I am interested in how these feelings affect our lives and personalities.

One example of this kind of work are my architectural bronzes. These works are reminiscent of prairies structures such as old barns or granaries, which where common places of discovery and adventure when growing up. However, like most of those memories and many of the buildings themselves, they are dilapidated beyond any possibility for them to stand, if they were full-sized. As they are not full-sized, they do stand, and this precarious skeleton of an existence is intended as an emphasis of the feelings of memory, and fragility of connection to the experience of the past. The fact that the sculptures are made of bronze is partially meant to reflect a desire for the permanence of memory, despite it being impossible, especially as many of the structures that I grew up around are no longer there.

Holly Mundorf

I think there is so much to love about portraiture, capturing the essence of someone's feeling with simplicity, making sure the subtle differences between happiness and annoyance are recorded correctly.

The inspiration to stay close to portraiture came and stayed consistently, it has been something I have enjoyed doing in my youth and upon reflection all I can say is that I love people and the emotional connections they hold. I love the emotions people share, and the way portraits of people hold memories and hold value to certain individuals in a very personal way. What locked me into portraiture was that I was/am inspired by the life of my nephew - he was about two when he passed and ever since I have been trying on and off to perfect his portrait for my sister.

I generally like to portray happiness and satisfaction but on occasion, I draw anger or negative emotion because they are natural feelings and should not be suppressed. I hope to think that when people look at my art they can experience a connection with the subject. More realistically speaking, I do not mind if my viewers just see a well-drawn recognizable face and walk over to the next one.

Bio: Holly Mundorf is an Artist in training from Lacombe, Alberta; she is currently taking a second year of the Red Deer College Visual Art program. As her work progresses her interests delve deeper into Ceramics and the study of portraiture. She has been a part of "Let Your Grasp Exceed Your Reach: Red Deer College Annual Year End Student Exhibition" and received an RDC Entrance Scholarship as well the Caroline G. Krivuzoff Award.


Gillian Coulton - Leon and Kata  Holly Mundorf - Half Full, Half Empty

The Viewpoint Gallery is located in the Culture Services Centre (3827-39 Street, Red Deer) 
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (closed from noon - 1 p.m.)

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