Register in a Program - look n book

We’re launching a new registration system that will make it easier for you to search, get information about, and register for City programs and services. The new website will launch in July.

Look n book, our online registration system, is currently unavailable as we prepare to launch our new website. During this time, you cannot access your account online. To register for a program or make a payment, please visit a City recreation facility or call us at 403-309-8411.

General FAQs

What will happen to my account?

Customers who have accessed their account within the last two years will have their information transferred to the new system.

Will my Look n Book login stay the same with the new system?

No. All accounts will change when the new system is implemented. Customers will be required to log in to the system with their email address. No client or family PIN will be required. Instructions will be available to our customers prior to the website launch.

What happens to any credits I have on my account when the new system is launched?

All credits and outstanding balances will be transferred from the previous system to the new system and will appear in your account after the launch.

More questions?

Contact us at 403-309-8411 or

Ready to register? There are three ways to do so:

  • Online: look n book (currently unavailable)
  • By Phone: 403-309-8411
  • In Person: You can register in person at City recreation facilities

What do I need to register?

To register for a City program, you will need:

  • Course code - This can be found in the program listing in the Activity Guide or Activities Search and Registration page
  • Email address - Your email address and password are required to register in City programs. You no longer require a Client Number or Family PIN.