Community Food Forests and Orchards

image of a hand picking berries

We are proud to provide concentrated edible landscape plantings across our City. Many of these initiatives are managed in partnership with community groups. All fruits and nuts grown on parkland are fair game to the public. Please harvest respectfully, being sure to leave some for others. Public access and harvest does not extend to other gardening sites including Garden Plots and Community Gardens. The public is not permitted to pick from privately grown annual gardens.  

If you have any questions about a specific community orchard/food forest, please connect with the contact for the garden listed below.

Community Orchard/Food Forest Contact
Canada 150 Food Forest Rene Michalak: 403-986-7981 /
Central Community Food Forest  Ken Lehman: 403-314-5854 / 
Fort Normandeau Community Orchard Kaley Zunino: 403-346-2010, ext 119 / 
GH Dawe Cricket Pitch Community Orchard Ken Lehman: 403-314-5854 / 
KWNC Forage Garden Kaley Zunino: 403-346-2010, ex 119 / 
Lancaster Green Community Orchard Laura Kozelenko: 403-392-8420
Mountview/Sunnybrook Community Orchard Ken Lehman: 403-314-5854 / 
Oriole Food Forest Brittany Jevne: 403-550-4235 / 
Parkside Community Food Forest Ken Lehman: 403-314-5854 / 
Sunnybrook Farm Community Orchard Ian Warwick: 403-340-3511 / 
Timberlands Community Orchard Ken Lehman: 403-314-5854 / 
Twin Spruce Community Food Forest Ken Lehman: 403-314-5854 / 
Waskasoo Community Orchard 


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For more information on edible plants in Red Deer, view the Edible trees, shrubs and vines leaflet (pdf) 

For more information on gardening opportunities please contact:

Cemetery Services - office hours 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday to Friday