Tax Certificates

A tax certificate is a certifiable document, that can be purchased to verify the following information:

  • Civic addresses
  • Legal descriptions
  • Current taxes
  • Account balance
  • Total assessment

Before you order your tax certificate:

  1. You must have a User ID and Password set up with the Revenue & Assessment department. Need to set that up? No problem. Complete the online form:
    Tax Certificate Account Request Form
  2. This service requires prepayment. Once you have your User ID and Password set up, you can place a balance on your account by visiting MyPayments.
  3. All payments are non-refundable.

Important: The annual deadline to sign up for the Tax Instalment Plan (TIP) is June 15. No applications for the current year will be accepted after this date. 

Ready to Order?

Property Tax Certificates are $40. 

Order a Tax Certificate (account required)

Does the tax certificate indicate the account is on the Tax Instalment Plan?

As a lawyer, complete the online form:


Registered Owners log into MyCity to complete the cancellation.

Cancellations received after the 15th will be effective for the following month. 

Have questions?

Contact the Tax Department at