Small Acts Matter

The Small Acts Matter campaign is designed to remind each of us about the importance of small acts and how these can support children, youth, families, seniors and communities. While these acts may appear small, they incorporate elements of protective factors, which are part of the larger picture of prevention.

What is it?

The Small Acts Matter campaign reinforces the value of doing little activities that build social well-being. We all intuitively know that doing things like visiting with neighbours, speaking with a small child, or helping someone with a chore, creates a sense of connection and social belonging. It usually makes us feel good! But, did you know, that research supports this intuition?!  

The Small Acts Matter campaign highlights activities – validated through research – that build social belonging and connection. In the long run, a sense of belonging is a protective factor that prevents people from falling into crisis. Protective factors build resilience for individuals, families, and communities and keep them socially well.  

Read each of the messages in the Small Acts Matter campaign below.