Orange Ribbon Campaign

The Orange Ribbon Campaign returns to engage the community in the Truth and Reconciliation journey.
Orange Ribbon Campaign

Red Deerians are invited to tie an orange ribbon to a plant or tree in a place that holds significant meaning for them as a gesture of solidarity with our local Indigenous community, and an expression of grief for Canada and Red Deer’s residential school history.

The campaign was developed with consideration for Indigenous traditions, as the colour orange is recognized as a symbol of the loss of childhood innocence, and disconnection from family in Indigenous experiences. It is also common practice in Indigenous cultures to tie ribbons to tree trunks as a memorial marker. The ribbons are 100% cotton, which is biodegradable and will not harm trees growth.

Each September, orange ribbons can be picked up, free of charge, from the following locations:

  • Collicutt Centre: 3031 30 Avenue
  • Recreation Centre: 4501 47A Avenue
  • City Hall: 4914 48 Avenue
  • Intermediate School: 5205 48 Avenue
  • G.H. Dawe Community Centre: 6175 67 Street

Residents are encouraged to tie the ribbons to a plant or tree in a place that holds meaning for them. When tying to trees or other plant life, residents should ensure the plant is not damaged or hindered by the ribbon.