International Day of Pink

Inspired by the creation of Pink Shirt Day, International Day of Pink is a day to celebrate equity, diversity and inclusion and to stand against bullying, especially when it is rooted in homophobia and transphobia.

On the second Wednesday of April, people around the world wear pink and stand in solidarity with 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities who continue to fight for acceptance and equality, as we all work towards building more inclusive and diverse spaces in our schools, workplaces and public facilities.


  • CUPE - On the International Day of Pink, CUPE encourages all members to wear pink to challenge homophobia and transphobia in all its forms. CUPE will never stop working to improve the lives of Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex workers.
  • 2SLGBTQI+ Secretariat – Learn more about supports for 2SLGBTQI+ individuals, communities and organizations to help build a safer, more equitable and inclusive Canada.
  • Federal action for 2SLGBTQI+ Communities