Laws, Acts and Special Routes

The Engineering Services department follows Provincial regulations and standards set out in various Acts such as the Traffic Safety Act. The City of Red Deer has also set regulations and standards in the Traffic Bylaw.

Truck Routes 

The City of Red Deer Traffic Bylaw restricts special classes of vehicles to specified truck routes. In addition, maximum vehicle weight and size are regulated by the Motor Transport Act of the Province of Alberta. The City of Red Deer Truck Routes are outlined in the Truck Route Map (pdf)

Vehicles operating within the boundaries of The City of Red Deer must comply with the regulations specified in the Traffic Bylaw and acquire a Permit from the Motor Transport Services of the Province of Alberta.

Truck routes are in effect 24 hours a day. If you may be affected, or have concerns regarding the oversize vehicle operations within the city, please contact the Engineering Services department Customer Service Section at 403-342-8161.

High and Wide Load Corridor

The High and Wide Load Corridor accommodates the movement of oversized truck loads.

The Engineering Services department has developed an in-house procedure, schedule and permitting system to allow oversized vehicles to move within the city. Costs may be associated with this permit, depending on the requirements of the move.

Included on the Truck Route Map (pdf) is the roadway links for the High and Wide Load Corridor that connects the city to the provincial network.

For more information, please refer to the Traffic Bylaw or contact the Engineering Services departments Customer Service Section at 403-342-8161.

Dangerous Goods Routes

The City of Red Deer's Dangerous Goods Route Bylaw 3152/95 (pdf) restricts vehicles from transporting dangerous goods within city limits.

Dangerous Goods Route Map (pdf)

For more information regarding Dangerous Goods Routes please contact Emergency Services.

Traffic Bylaw

This Bylaw allows The City to control and manage traffic within the city limits.

Traffic Safety Act

This is a Provincial Act that may be obtained by contacting the Queen's Printer Bookstore at 780-427-4952 or by clicking the link above.