Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Either City administration or members of the public may apply to amend the regulations and/or the land use district (zone) of a parcel of land within the Land Use Bylaw.                    

There are two types of Land Use Bylaw amendments: text amendments and map amendments. A text amendment may propose to modify an existing regulation or add a new definition. A map amendment may propose to change the land use district (zone) of a parcel of land; for example, changing the land use district (zone) of a property from R1 Residential (Low Density) District to R3 Residential (Multiple Family) District.

For more information on the process, please visit the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Process.

Below is a listing of the recent amendments made to the Land Use Bylaw.

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Amendment 3357/JJ-2018

Approved: October 15, 2018

Rezoning Road to C1

Maps Pages: M15

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/DD-2018

Approved: October 15, 2018

City initiated amendment to build in variance provisions within the Residential Proximity Sign Overlay District specific to Dynamic Signs.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357DD-2018

Amendment 3357/PP-2018

Approved: October 1, 2018

An amendment to the R1E District General Purpose.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357PP-2018

Amendment 3357/CC-2018

Approved: October 1, 2018

R1C Residential (Carriage Home) District

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357CC-2018

Amendment 3357/AA-2018

Approved: October 1, 2018

A1 Future Urban Development District to R1E Residential (Estate) District - Property 38439 Rge Rd. 271

Maps Pages: S18

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/HH-2018

Approved: August 20, 2018

A1 to P1

Maps Pages: K16

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/EE-2018

Approved: August 20, 2018

An amendment to change the definition of "Medical Marihuana Facility" to "Cannabis Production Facility"

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357EE-2018

Amendment 3357/II-2018

Approved: August 20, 2018

Amendment to section 7.14 of the LUB.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357II-2018

Amendment 3357/W-2018

Approved: July 23, 2018

6719/6721-59 Avenue - R1A to R2

Maps Pages: K18

Text Pages: 3357W-2018

Amendment 3357/N-2018

Approved: July 23, 2018


Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357N-2018

Amendment 3357/O-2018

Approved: July 9, 2018

Text amendments to R1C District - Residential (Carriage Home) District to reflect a change to the NASP

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357O-2018

Amendment 3357/R-2018

Approved: July 9, 2018

amend regulations within R1WS

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357R-2018

Amendment 3357/S-2018

Approved: July 9, 2018

Application from Red Deer College for additional uses

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357S-2018

Amendment 3357/V-2018

Approved: July 9, 2018

Microbrewery Exception at 7023 Johnstone Drive

Maps Pages: J18

Text Pages: 3357V-2018

Amendment 3357/U-2018

Approved: June 11, 2018

4730-50 Street

Maps Pages: M15

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/P-2018

Approved: May 14, 2018

Cannabis regulations with limited locations

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357P-2018

Amendment 3357/L-2018

Approved: April 16, 2018

Cannabis Amendments

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357L-2018

Amendment 3357/B-2018

Approved: April 3, 2018

Sign Amendments

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357B-2018

Amendment 3357/J-2018

Approved: April 3, 2018

Rezoning of two lots (238 and 250 Queens Drive) from I1 to I2.

Maps Pages: G21

Amendment 3357/E-2018

Approved: March 19, 2018

Amendment to introduce Character Statements for Woodlea area to include them within the mature neighbourhood overlay district.

Maps Pages: M15, M16, N15, N16, N17, N18, O18

Text Pages: 3357E-2018

Amendment 3357/F-2018

Approved: February 5, 2018

Amend text of the DC 32 District and changes to maps

Text Pages: 3357F-2018

Amendment 3357/DD-2017

Approved: January 8, 2018

Federal Building 4909-50 Street HS-48 to HP - 20

Maps Pages: M15

Text Pages: 3357DD-2017

Amendment 3357/CC-2017

Approved: January 8, 2018

Site exception on 8105 Edgar Industrial Drive to locate a microbrewery.

Maps Pages: J21

Text Pages: 3357CC-2017

Amendment 3357/II-2017

Approved: December 20, 2017

Supervised Consumption Site

Maps Pages: L14

Text Pages: 3357II-2017

Amendment 3357/GG-2017

Approved: December 11, 2017

Billboard Amendments

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357GG-2017