We are Better Together

Crime and Community Safety is priority number one, and we need your help as we work to make an impact in the community. We are looking to the public to help us not only determine what we should and can do, but also to understand, own and take action alongside The City of Red Deer as we work to implement solutions that respond directly to the community safety issues we currently face.
Working to reduce crime and improve community safety in Red Deer, Alberta. We are Better Together.


What is The City doing?

Crime and Community Safety is priority number one, and we need everybody’s help as we try to make our community more safe. Right now, we want you to know what we are doing in the short term, to quickly move the dial on reducing crime and improving community safety.

  1. Online downtown business survey: Tell us your ideas for improving community safety and reducing crime by filling out the online survey.
  2. Six public community meetings: The City reached out to citizens and stakeholders for input and ideas as to what we can collectively do right now, to reduce crime and improve community safety. Meetings took place around the community in November 2019. 
  3. Bylaw review and revisions: The City is reviewing and updating current bylaws, policies and processes where a community safety impact can be realized. We have bylaws for a reason, and in many cases, we may not be using them to their full potential where they can serve as a mechanism for improved community safety.
  4. Increased public education on reporting: We want citizens to report issues when you see them. We all have a responsibility to report suspicious or illegal activity to the police. This may include everything from public intoxication to loitering and drug use, to name a few. We will be launching public education campaigns to help people understand what they can do to reduce crime in Red Deer, and when to report.

Crime and Community Safety is Priority #1

Red Deer, like many other communities across the province and the nation, currently faces drug, health and economic challenges that are affecting the city and the people who live here. While The City of Red Deer has a number of crime reduction and community safety related programs, initiatives and services already underway, there is always room for improvement, and over the next number of months we will be exploring ways to do just that by:

  1. Reviewing and updating bylaws where a community safety impact can be realized;
  2. Public engagement and input on crime and community safety;
  3. Mobilizing City of Red Deer staff differently as it relates to community safety.

What can I do?

This menu serves as a list of options that can guide you in taking actions at work, and at home, that will help improve community safety. Because it is the small things that matter, and we cannot do it without you.

See Something, Say Something

Crime and Community Safety is priority number one. This is an issue that we cannot fix alone. We need everyone in Red Deer to help us improve community safety, and decrease crime. We need to hear from you. When you see a crime, suspicious behavior, or an unsafe situation in the community, we need to know about it. If you see something, say something by calling one of the following numbers;

403-342-8111 – The new community safety line has been established to simplify the process of reporting community safety issues that do not require the police. Use this number to:

  • report graffiti on public or private buildings,
  • provide the location of abandoned shopping carts,
  • report damaged or fallen trees,
  • provide the location of needles or other drug paraphernalia, and
  • other similar scenarios.

403-343-5575 – For non-emergency police matters. Call to report:

  • a crime that has already taken place,
  • suspicious vehicles or people,
  • noise complaints, and
  • rough sleeper camps.

911 – For urgent emergency matters. Use this number when you:

  • see crimes in progress,
  • need an ambulance or the fire department.
Meet your Neighbours

Get to know your neighbours. It is important to know who lives in your neighbourhood and where. Eyes on your property and the street can reduce crime and improve community safety.

Pick up Garbage

Whether you’re walking to your car, or out for your lunch with a colleague or friend, pick up garbage when you can, and are comfortable doing so. We all want clean and healthy neighbourhoods.

Employ the 9 p.m. Routine

Secure your property before you go to bed. In many cases, simply locking up and taking the opportunity away from offenders is enough to stop the crime. Always double check that your vehicles, property and residence are secure.


Sign up for 529 Garage

Register your bicycle with 529 Garage, a bike registry program that decreases the number of bicycle thefts by displaying a tamper proof 529 Garage decal that works to deter potential thieves. Register your bike at project529.com/reddeer.


Register your Security Camera

Register your security camera with CAPTURE, a voluntary camera registry program that records the locations of security cameras in Red Deer. If an incident happens, Red Deer RCMP can view the list of camera locations, and contact the registered camera owners where it is believed they can be used to solve a crime. Sign up at reddeercapture.ca.

Build your Own

Tell us your ideas. What other activities can you do to improve community safety.

This initiative is not about doing more; it is simply about doing things differently, where and when you feel comfortable doing so.