Land Use Bylaw Update

Shape the Land Use Bylaw

We are seeking public input to influence changes to the Land Use Bylaw. This project is all about reducing red tape, increasing flexibility and increasing understanding of the bylaw. We want to know what you love about your neighbourhood, what aspects would you like changed, what makes a City livable, and what have you seen elsewhere that you’d like Red Deer to consider?

How to provide input:

  1. Attend an in-person session
  2. Complete the online survey

In person sessions:

  • Wednesday, June 7
    Developer, real estate, and commercial focus
    3 - 4:30 p.m. or 5:30 - 7 p.m.
    Westerner Park, Chalet
    Email to register. Please specify the session date and time you will attend.

  • Thursday, June 8
    Resident and community groups focus
    3 - 4:30 p.m. or 5:30 – 7 p.m.
    Westerner Park, Chalet
    Email to register. Please specify the session date and time you will attend, and if you require child-care. 

Online Input:

Provide your feedback online

Available until June 23, 2023

Additional Info

What is a Land Use Bylaw?

Every municipality in Alberta is required to have a Land Use Bylaw as per the requirements in the Municipal Government Act. The Land Use Bylaw establishes rules and regulations for land development as well as the process of making decisions for development permit applications within the City of Red Deer. More info here:  Red Deer's Land Use Bylaw - Explained (pdf).

15 Minute Cities – Fact Checking:

Does The City have a 15-minute city proposal/plan as a part of the Land Use Bylaw review?

No. The City of Red Deer has not adopted a 15-minute city plan, and has no upcoming or proposed planning or design guideline changes for neighbourhood design. The 15-minute community is a planning concept often adopted by urban centres. The concept focuses on having key services and amenities – such as work, shopping, healthcare, and leisure facilities – within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from home. Our neighbourhoods are always designed with connectivity in mind. The City is committed to providing services to citizens regardless of where they reside and how far they wish to travel both online and in-person.

Is The City participating in a Smart Cities Challenge?

No. The City of Red Deer is not participating in a Smart City Challenge. The City of Red Deer did participate the in a 2018 challenge through the Government of Canada, but were not successful. The information on the Infrastructure Canada website has not been updated since 2020, and the application featured under The City of Red Deer is from the 2018 challenge – the group is no longer in operation. Further inquiries about the Smart Cities Challenge, the data and website should be directed to Infrastructure Canada.

Background info:

Land Use Bylaw Review