Cancel your Activity Reservation

How to cancel your activity reservation in Look ‘n Book

If you do not have a Look ‘n Book account please cancel your Activity Reservation by calling 403-309-8411 and for future use, sign up for a Look ‘n Book account.

Step one:

Log in to your Look ‘n Book account, and visit the“Appointments” tab on the left navigation bar. Click “Cancel” on the Activity Reservation you can no longer attend.

Look n Book Cancel Reservation - Step 1 Screenshot

Step two:

Click “Add Cancellation to Basket”

Look n Book Cancel Reservation - Step 2 Screenshot

Step three:

Click “Checkout” to complete the cancellation.

Look n Book Cancel Reservation - Step 3 Screenshot

If you are having troubles cancelling your Activity Reservation through Look ‘n Book please call 403-309-8411 for assistance.