Report a Problem

This tool is for reporting NON-Emergency infrastructure issues and repairs to The City of Red Deer. Each reported item is sent directly to the responsible department for further follow up. You may be asked to provide additional information if necessary.

You can report issues from the topics listed below by clicking on the blue bar of a given category. Please note: brown categories are information only; they cannot be selected for online reporting. Don't see a category listed? Scroll or swipe for more, or visit the Contact Us page for other ways to contact The City of Red Deer.

  • We require your name and phone number or email address in case we need to follow up. Your information will be kept private and confidential.
  • Please include a detailed description about your problem
RCMP or Non-Emergency Complaints

If you have a concern about your safety, the actions of another person, or have witnessed a possible crime please contact the RCMP.

  • Emergency Number: 911
  • Non-Emergency Complaint Number: 403-343-5575
Trouble Lines (24 hr)
Electrical (power outages)
Electric, Light & Power: 403-348-5700
Roads (emergency only)
Public Works: 403-342-8238
Water and sewer (emergencies and flooding)
Environmental Services: 403-342-8750

Alberta Animal Services provides all animal related services in Red Deer, including enforcement of The City’s Dog Bylaw 3429/2009. This bylaw allows Alberta Animal Services to work with the citizens of Red Deer to ensure that cats, dogs, their owners and neighbours live together in safety and harmony.

  • Concerns related to domestic animals (cats or dogs) please contact Alberta Animals Services at 403-347-2388 or 1-866-340-2388 or
  • Dead animal complaints, contact Alberta Animal Services (see above)
  • Concerns related to wildlife animals, contact Alberta Sustainable Resource Development - Fish and Wildlife at 403-340-5142
  • Concerns related to wildlife after-hours, contact Report A Poacher (RAP) hotline toll-free at 1-800-642-3800
Needles/Drug Paraphernalia found in Red Deer
Steps to take if you find a needle:
  • Treat any needle you find as contaminated.
  • If possible, cover or mark the needle with an object to protect yourself and others from possible harm.
  • Call 403-342-8238 immediately to report the location of the needle. Provide clear directions to the responder describing where the needle is and how it is marked.
  • Response times for needle pickup will vary.
If you get pricked by a needle:
  • Flush the area with flowing water.
  • Wash the wound well with soap and warm water.
  • Seek medical attention for an assessment of the risk of infection and appropriate treatment.
Culture Facilities

For non-emergency requests for service for infrastructure repair, upgrades and vandalism related to City owned facilities operated by community groups: Red Deer Museum, Heritage Square, Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Gaetz Lake Sanctuary, Ft. Normandeau, Cronquist House, Festival Hall, Memorial Centre, River Bend - Recreation/Discovery Canyon, River Bend Golf and Allen Bungalow; please complete our Culture Facilities Service Request Form.

If your request is critical and/or safety-related, call the On Call phone number at 403-506-4810.


If this is an emergency issue with sewer or water, or regarding detention ponds or storm outfalls, please contact Environmental Services directly at 403-342-8750.If this is an emergency issue with on-street flooding due to catch basins or culverts, please contact Public Works at 403-342-8238.
Note, sewer backups in homes or businesses require initial private plumber inspection.

Garbage and Recycling (Residential)

If you’ve been tagged, contact the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre at 403-986-9904 or If you see other public or private property tagged, call City of Red Deer Compliance at 403-342-8328.

Neighbourhood Park Sites

For non-emergency requests for service for infrastructure repair, upgrades and vandalism related to activity centres and neighbourhood parks sites including park amenities such as benches, garbage cans, trails, outdoor rinks and lighting, ball diamonds and sport fields, please complete our Neighbourhood Park Sites Service Request Form.

If your request is critical and/or safety-related, call the On Call phone number at 403-506-4810.

Parking (Residential)
  • For complaints related to vehicles or recreational vehicles parked on private property (not on the street)
  • On street parking complaints need to be reported directly to the RCMP non-emergency complaint line at 403-343-5575
Parking (Downtown)
  • Downtown paid parking and tickets
  • Garbage full
  • Mowing or weed issues
  • Signage
  • Damage or cleanliness
  • Other parks concerns
Potholes or Road Repairs
  • If you would like to submit a photo along with your report, please email it to
  • Include approximate address of pothole(s) or other road issues in the section below
Property Complaints

For reporting bylaw complaints related to private property only, such as:

  • Unsightly or un-kept property
  • Garbage on private property
  • Vehicles or trailers parked on private property
  • If you would like to submit a photo along with your report, please email it to
  • If your complaint relates to public property, or on-street parking, please contact the RCMP non-emergency complaint line at 403-343-5575
Roads and Traffic (select below)
Traffic Signals
Traffic Signs - Missing or Vandalized
Traffic Signs - Request New
Pavement Markings
Sidewalk Conditions
Trees or Bushes - Blocking Signs
Paved Lanes
Gravel Lanes
Debris on Road
Snow Removal (roads only)

This option is for roads only. If you have a complaint about snow removal on a residential or private business sidewalk, or private parking lot, please note this is an RCMP issue and cannot be reported through this system. Please contact the RCMP directly through the non-emergency complaint line 403-343-5575.

Street Lights

For public safety issues including street light fixtures leaning or on the ground and flashing or downed power lines, call Electric, Light & Power at 403-342-8274 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or after hours at 403-348-5700.

  • Burnt out street light or string of lights
  • Power lines/Equipment failure
  • Issues or Concerns
  • Lost and Found
Utility Meters
  • Issues or concerns related to water, wastewater, garbage or recycling
Website Issues
  • Report issues related to any website maintained by The City of Red Deer
  • All other issues or concerns

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