Veteran's Parking Program

Since 2010, The City of Red Deer has worked jointly with the Royal Canadian Legion to review and issue passes to applicants who meet the criteria outlined for the program.

Successful applicants receive a City of Red Deer hang tag, allowing them to park at any on-street meter without requiring them to pay. 

Pass holders are required to adhere to all parking signs and regulations, in accordance with the Traffic Bylaw 3186/97, including the time limit specified on the meter where they are parked. 

Who qualifies for a Veteran's Parking Pass?

Any Veteran who has been Honourably Discharged after serving in any of the following can apply for a City of Red Deer Veteran's Parking Pass:

1. In WWI, WWI, Korean War or the Gulf War, as a member of:

  • The Canadian Forces, 
  • an Allied Force,
  • Canadian or Allied Merchant Navy, or
  • the Ferry Command.

2. As a member of the Canadian Forces, meeting the National Defence Professional Classification requirements (MOC qualified).

3. In United Nations or NATO Operations, as a member of:

  • The Canadian Forces,
  • the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
  • other Canadian Police Forces, or
  • an Allied Force.

Supporting documentation is required to be provided as part of the application. Copies of these documents must be in English or French, or a certified translation is required.

How can I apply for a Veteran Parking Pass?

Completed application forms and the required supporting documentation can be submitted either in person or by mail to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #35:

Address: 2310 Bremner Avenue, Red Deer AB  T4R 1M9
Phone: 403-342-0035

To apply, complete the Veteran's Parking Pass application form (pdf). Application forms are also available at the Legion.