Clean Air Day

Clean air is vital to our health. Clean Air Day raises awareness and encourages action on clean air and climate change.

Blue Skies Awards

The City of Red Deer partners with Parkland Airshed Management Zone (PAMZ) to present the Blue Skies Awards. These awards recognize individuals and organizations taking exemplary action to improve air quality in the PAMZ region.

Why is Clean Air Day important?

While most of the time air quality is good, Red Deer has struggled to meet national air quality standards for fine particulate matter. Fine particulate matter has many negative impacts on human health. 

The City of Red Deer is working with Alberta Environment and Parks to take action to address air quality issues in our region. Air quality is one of six focus areas of The City’s Environmental Master Plan (EMP), with a goal of improving the air quality and reducing emissions. 

What you can do

You can make a difference on Clean Air Day and every day:

  • Check the Air Quality Health Index to inform your activities.
  • Choose active forms of transportation like walking or cycling – even one day a week makes a difference!
  • Take part in the Commuter Challenge by commuting to work using alternate transit routes including carpooling, walking, cycling, or taking the bus.
  • Take the bus. Visit our Transit web page or use Google maps to plan your route. One bus can replace up to 60 vehicles with a single occupant.
  • Choose carpooling.
  • Get involved with PAMZ.
  • Reduce energy use in your home.