Past Heritage Recognition Award Winners

Since 2002, the Heritage Recognition Awards have honoured many individuals and projects that have demonstrated outstanding efforts in preserving our heritage and in heritage education and awareness.

Past Heritage Recognition Award Winners 2002 -2016

In 2002, the first Heritage Recognition Award was given to the CPR Rail Bridge Project.

Following the relocation of the railway, the fate of the CPR Bridge was unclear. In 1991, the Northside Community Association and the Normandeau Cultural Heritage Society led community efforts to save the bridge from being demolished, by transforming it into a pedestrian and bike bridge. Today the CPR Bridge is one of our most beloved historic sites.

From 2002 to 2016, 49 heritage recognition awards have been presented to individuals, museums and interpretive centres and organizations who have demonstrated excellence in heritage education, awareness and conservation.

A list of the winners is attached here.  

Heritage Recognition Awards - Previous Winners 2002-2016 (pdf)