MyCity is an online service that provides residents and business owners access to information about their City of Red Deer accounts like business licenses, dog licenses and tax information, lets you monitor status of permits and applications, and schedule inspections online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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Launch MyCity

Pay bills, view accounts and access your City of Red Deer information with MyCity.

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Manage your dogs

Use MyPayments to renew a dog license. Use MyDogs to request a dog license for a new dog, replace a dog tag, apply for spay/neuter reduction, or remove a dog.

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Manage inspections

Use MyInspections to schedule, reschedule, and cancel inspections for your permits.

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Apply for permits

Apply for electrical, heating, plumbing, gas, fireplace installation and service connection permits.

MyPayments provides you a secure online payment option for your City of Red Deer services.

Make a payment

Use MyPayments to pay for license renewals (including dog licenses, business licenses and urban chicken licenses), parking or bylaw tickets and other city invoices.