E-billing and MyCity

Did you know each year over one million pieces of paper (including envelopes, bills and notices) are used to send out monthly utility bills? That's 145 trees we could be saving each year! Help us help the environment and choose e-billing.
infographic of MyCity ebilling

Sign-up for a MyCity account and have access to the following information 24/7:  

  • Account DetailsImage of new utility bill
  • Balance Information
  • Begin accruing up to 2 years of billing history
  • Begin accruing up to 2 years of account transactions
  • Set up Pre-authorized Withdrawal (PAWS)
  • E-billing (you'll receive an email notification when your utilities billing information is available to view online)‌

‌How do I create a MyCity account?

Visit www.reddeer.ca/mycity to create an account.

  1. Find the "Don't have a profile? Register now." located under the sign in fields and click on Register now.
  2. Complete the information fields. Please note: fields marked with a red asterisk are required fields and must be populated to proceed.
  3. Click the Register button. 

How do I sign up for pre-authorized withdrawal (PAWS)?

  1. Log on to your account on the MyCity website.
  2. Click the Sign up for PAWS button.
  3. Select your bank using the drop down screen.
  4. Complete the required banking information and click continue.
  5. An acknowledgment screen pops up. Review the information and ensure you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on the check box.
  6. Click the Submit button.

* Please note: PAWS is the pre-authorized withdrawal program for Utilities only. If you want to sign up for the Tax Instalment Plan (TIP), please visit our TIP webpage.