Photo Radar/Enforcement Locations

Find out the photo laser and ISD enforcement locations.

The City of Red Deer’s Automated Traffic Enforcement Program includes photo laser, red light cameras and intersection speed cameras. These tools, along with conventional traffic enforcement and education campaigns, help make Red Deer’s roads safer. By reducing speed, both the number and severity of collisions is reduced.

Automated Traffic Enforcement will be operating in areas where: speeding has been identified as a community concern; there has been an identifiable, documented history of collisions; a high volume of pedestrians; and areas where conventional enforcement is ineffective or unsafe. Please note that the RCMP reserve the right to change the site locations without notice.

Enforcement Period: June 1 - June 15, 2019

School/Playground Zones

Kerry Wood Drive, Nolan Street, Jewell Street, Oleander Drive, Oak Street, 57 Avenue, Springfield Avenue, 48 Avenue, Boyce Street, 47 Avenue, Cornett Drive, Ellenwood Drive, Davison Drive, Addington Drive, Inglewood Drive, Lockwood Avenue, 60 Street

Traffic Corridors

Overdown Drive, Highway 11A, Highway 2A, Springbett Drive, 49 Street, 43 Street, 19 Street, 50 Avenue, Austin Drive, 30 Avenue  

Enforcement Period: June 16 - June 30, 2019

School/Playground Zones

Kendrew Drive, Jordan Parkway, Pamely Avenue, 59 Avenue, 57 Avenue, Springfield Avenue, 48 Avenue, 58 Street, 55 Avenue, Timberstone Way, Van Slyke Way, Ellenwood Drive, Carrington Drive

Traffic Corridors

50 Avenue, Highway 11A, 67 Street, 59 Avenue, Taylor Drive, Barrett Drive, 49 Avenue, Taylor Drive, 32 Street, 40 Avenue, Austin Drive, 30 Avenue, Ross Street

Enforcement Period: June 1 - June 30, 2019

Intersection Safety Cameras
  • 50 Avenue and 32 Street
  • 50 Avenue and 76 Street
  • 49 Avenue and 49 Street
  • 30 Avenue and 50 Street