Blue Cart

Blue Carts are for recyclables such as numbered plastics, paper, cardboard and metal cans.
What goes in the Blue Cart?

In general, you can recycle paper, cardboard, metal cans and plastics #1 through 7. This includes:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Mixed paper – e.g. office paper, junk mail, envelopes and flyers
  • Telephone books
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Boxboard – e.g. cereal boxes, shoe boxes and tissue boxes
  • Number 1 to 7 plastic containers and lids – e.g. yogurt cups, detergent containers, food platter trays, and plant pots
  • Metal cans

Unacceptable items: Glass bottles and jars will not be accepted in the Blue Cart. Through the new collection system, glass is broken into small pieces that cannot be recovered at the sorting facility. Instead, recycle glass bottles and jars at a community recycling depot.

Cart User Guide
  1. Store your carts where it is most convenient for you, like in your yard or garage.
  2. Write your address on the white area on the side of your carts.
  3. Review what goes inside each cart.
  4. Set the appropriate carts out on your collection day.
  5. Place any excess yard waste beside the Green Cart, according to the pickup guidelines.
  6. Return the carts back to your property after collection.
  7. Periodically rinsing your carts can help keep them tidy.
    How to prepare recyclables
    1. Remove lids. Discard small lids as they’re too small to be separated out at the sorting facility.
    2. Empty and rinse containers. 
    3. Place containers and large lids in the blue box.
    4. DO NOT put your recycling in a clear blue plastic bag or a plastic grocery bag.
    How do I set the carts out for collection?

    Carts are picked up by an automated collection truck, so it’s important to follow the collection instructions:


    Set out by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day, year-round.


    Make sure the lid is closed and place the carts on flat ground with at least one metre clearance all around and above each of them so the truck’s collection arm can pick it up and empty it. This includes ensuring both carts placed that day, and any extra yard waste has the same clearance so the automated trucks can access it. If the collection contractors are unable to properly access your carts, they won’t be able to collect the contents that week, so placement is an important step.


    Front street collection: Place the carts on the street with the wheels against the curb and white directional arrow pointing toward the street. Make sure the carts are away from parked vehicles or other obstructions such as trees, and that it is not blocking traffic.

    Back alley collection: Place the carts with the wheels toward your property and white directional arrow pointing toward the alley. Make sure the carts are not placed against a fence or garage, and that it is not blocking traffic.

    Make sure to roll your carts back to your property after they have been emptied.

    Recycling Drop-off Depot

    We operate two recycling drop-off depots for individuals and small businesses.

    Apartment & Multi Family Recycling

    Learn about options that exist for recycling in apartments and other multi-family complexes.

    Electronics Recycling

    Recycle your old electronics for free at our electronic recycling depot.

    Shingle & Drywall Recycling

    Our Waste Management Facility recycles asphalt shingles and drywall.

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    Carts Frequently Asked Questions

    Phone: 403-340-BLUE (2583)