Composting is copying a natural process that recycles organic material - like food and yard waste - into a nutrient-rich additive for soil. Composting can improve your lawn and garden, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill and reduce your household garbage by a third.
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Learn to Compost

Compost at Home Program

The Composting at Home Program teaches residents how to compost in their own back yards. The program is offered free of charge for 100 households in the city. Participants are provided with a compost bin, aerating tool and kitchen catcher, plus training and ongoing support on how to compost.

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Tools to get started

Composting tools can be found at your local home building supply store or garden centre. A compost aerating tool like the Wing-Digger retails for around $20, composters for anywhere from $45 to $100+, and the kitchen catcher for around $20.

Image of composting container called a soil saver Wing Digger Tool Kitchen Catcher - composting