Community Housing & Homelessness Integrated Plan

This newly formed ad hoc committee will help guide the development of a strategic and innovative housing plan to help achieve the community's housing plan goal.


At the direction of The City of Red Deer City Council, The Committee will coordinate efforts to:

  • Guide the community’s efforts around providing integrated housing and supports across the non-market housing spectrum.
  • Base the CHHIP on the evaluation on the outcomes of Red Deer’s previous ten-year plan in its recommendations and consider innovative solutions.
  • Inform both an updated support services implementation plan and a housing options (i.e., bricks and mortar) plan.

Committee Outcomes: 

The Committee will help guide the development of the following for consideration of City Council:

a. An executive summary.

b. A final written housing plan.

c. A summary of all processes and consultations including attendees used to compile the report.

CHHIP Scope: 

a. The plan, of a strategic nature, is to help the community achieve the community’s housing goal.

b. The plan shall encompass the full non-market housing spectrum (unsheltered to subsidization).

c. The plan will focus on the integration of:

a. physical housing asset development and management.

b. support service coordination.

c. integrated community planning, research and evaluation.

d. governance and fund administration.

d. The plan will focus specific interest on innovative housing solutions.

e. The plan will consider enabling mechanisms of local government to incentivize successes.


The Committee will report to City Council at regular intervals through the Community Services Director. 


The Committee will reflect a multi-disciplinary, diverse membership with a broad-based perspective with representation from City Council, the Community Housing Advisory Board and key stakeholders such as businesses and the community at large. 

Appointment of the membership outside of City Council and CHAB will go through the existing Council Committee nomination process. 

The Committee will consist of a minimum of 10 members and will include:

  • 2 members of City Council,
  • 2 members of The Community Housing Advisory Board,
  • 1 Indigenous community representative (to be endorsed by UAVS),
  • 1 business community representative,
  • 1 homeless serving agency representative,

Note that while this member will be representative of this community, broader community engagement from homeless serving agencies will also be sought.

  • 1 community member at large,
  • 1 housing public entity representative, and
  • 1 member of the faith community.

The Committee shall make its decisions by majority.

The Community Services Division will provide staff to liaison with the committee as a non-voting member(s).

Administrative Support/Resources:

Administrative support will be provided by The City through the Community Services or Legislative Services.  Additional City staff maybe included as a resource as required. 


Applications to participate in The Committee will be received as per “The Committees Bylaw”.

Appointments will be made by City Council.


The term of the Committee will be until City Council adopts the CHHIP. 


Committee meetings will be held at least monthly at a time agreed to by the committee members or more frequently as required. 

The Committee will appoint a chair and vice chair from its membership at its first meeting in accordance with the Committees bylaw. 

Meeting Agendas & Minutes:

Conflict of Interest:

Committee members shall comply with Section 23 Conflict of Interest of “The Committees Bylaw”.