Our Committees

A Council committee is a committee, commission, board or other body established by Council under the Municipal Government Act and municipal bylaws. Council committees act in an advisory capacity to Council.

Appeal Boards

Red Deer appeal boards are independent and consist of four boards: the Red Deer Appeal and Review Board, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board, and the Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Audit Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to oversee the integrity of the financial statements of The City of Red Deer, the internal and external audit process, internal controls and The City’s processes for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, policies and principles, the performance and independence of the external auditors, the internal control process and of the internal audit, and risk management.

Community Housing and Homelessness Integrated Plan (CHHIP) Ad Hoc Committee

This newly formed ad hoc committee will help guide the development of a strategic and innovative housing plan to help achieve the community's housing plan goal.

Community Housing Advisory Board

The purpose of the Community Housing Advisory Board is to act as an advisor to Council on affordable housing, homelessness, services/activities related to the goal of ending homelessness, and funding allocation within The City of Red Deer community.

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

FCSS is a partnership between local municipal governments and the provincial Children & Youth Services Ministry. The partnership provides provincial funding that is matched with local tax dollars on an 80/20 share basis. The funding is then used to support and develop locally driven preventive social services initiatives.

Gaetz Lake Sanctuary Committee

The purpose of the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary Committee is to ensure compliance with the terms of agreements between Government of Alberta and The City of Red Deer and between Board of Trustees of Red Deer School District and The City of Red Deer in protecting wildlife in its natural habitat with minimal disturbance.

Governance and Policy Committee

The purpose of the Governance & Policy Committee is to enhance the organizational governance framework in order to ensure that roles and responsibilities of Council, the City Manager, and administration can be differentiated, explained, and understood by all stakeholders.

Mayor's Recognition Awards Committee

The purpose of the Mayor’s Recognition Awards Committee is to recognize individual(s), group(s), or team(s) from the city of Red Deer whose actions have brought honour and recognition to the city of Red Deer.

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The purpose of the Municipal Planning Commission is to act as the Subdivision Authority for the City of Red Deer, and as the Development Authority in all matters assigned to it under the Land Use bylaw, by Council, or referred to it by the Development Officer.

Nomination Committee

The purpose of the Nomination Committee is to advise Council on committee appointments, based on criteria including stakeholder feedback, in order to ensure the optimal functioning of all Council committees.

Public Art Commission

The purpose of the Public Art Jury Committee is to provide expert and community input on public art for The City of Red Deer and promote awareness and understanding of the importance of high-quality public art.