Woodlea Character Statements

March 2018

The Woodlea Character Statements were approved by City Council on Monday, March 19, 2018 and can be viewed here: Woodlea Character Statements - March 2018 (pdf)

What are Character Statements?

Character Statements are a planning tool that helps us define and maintain what makes a specific geographic area unique. While all neighbourhoods contain the same basic elements, which consist of individual properties and public infrastructure (i.e. streets, sidewalks, lighting, and utilities), the relationship and design of these basic elements is what establishes the character of a neighbourhood. 

Character Statements are in addition to the regulations and standards currently contained in the Land Use Bylaw and the Neighbourhood Planning & Design Standards 2013 (pdf)

Why have Character Statements?

When redevelopment of private property or public infrastructure occurs, concerns over losing the character of a neighbourhood are often raised. Character Statements define the character of a specific geographic area by capturing the design elements that make that area different from other areas. This planning tool therefore provides additional guidance for the redevelopment process. 

Who needs Character Statements?

Character Statements are not necessary for every neighbourhood in Red Deer. They are useful for specific geographic areas that meet the following criteria:

  • They contain a combination of elements that together make an area unique or special or;
  • The character is designed to guide a redeveloping area intentionally

Each Character Statement contains the following information which serves to define the overall characteristics of the area:

  • Character Statement Area Map
  • Context and history
  • Common forms and scale of buildings
  • Common building materials
  • Other common elements
  • Recommended design elements

Have questions?

Christi Fidek
Senior Planner
The City of Red Deer