The City of Red Deer develops residential land to provide options to homeowners and local construction companies. Developing our own land also allows us to lead in unique and efficient neighbourhood design.

A house that has been framed in a new subdivision

Single Family (R1)

This is the most common low-density housing type. Normally only one family resides in these types of houses. There are a number of sub-R1 types such as R1N, R1A and R1WS, which represent lot size types and permitted uses.

Carriage Home

Carriage Homes

A unique approach to flexible living space, the carriage home is a secondary dwelling unit above a rear-detached garage.

Duplex houses

Multi-Family (R2)

The City's medium-density, multi-family housing designation. These can be semi-detached or multi-attached. e.g.: Townhouses, Duplexes, etc.