Queens Business Park is Red Deer's newest industrial business park, located at the corner of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Highway 11A intersection.
taken July 2013

Lots in Queens Business Park feature:‌

  • customizable lot sizes
  • convenient access to major transportation routes
  • pre-installed oil grit separators
  • access to a trade area of over 2.5 million people   Queens Business Park Aerial photo

All lots include:‌

  • municipal water
  • sanitary & storm sewers
  • gas
  • power
  • curb & gutter   

Phase 2

Phase 2 is located west of Phase 1, adjacent to 75 Avenue. This phase contains approximately 95 acres of industrial land, and 4.75 acres of commercial land.

Prospective purchasers can contact us for further details or please refer to the information below.  

Lot Availability:

Queens Business Park Phase 1 and 2 Map (pdf)

Queens Industrial Info Pack (pdf)

Phase 1

Originally almost 103 acres, limited light industrial and commercial lots remain.

Lot availability:

 Queens Business Park Phase 1 and 2 Map (pdf)